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Water sports services are important. This is not always that obvious to everyone. Water sports are not just what you see at boat shows; they also have a large ‘back office’. This service sector takes care of designing, producing, maintaining, selling, modifying and improving boats. In terms of money, this part of the sector is even larger.

This sector also has a very different orientation. Sometimes it’s global, when it involves the design and production of boats: specialized suppliers deliver their knowledge and products worldwide. The annual overhaul in its turn is a regional or local affair.

The service sector is relatively unknown to policymakers. That is one reason why HISWA Vereniging took the initiative for the Yacht Valley project, a collaborative project across four countries and eight partners. The objective is the exchange of knowledge and experience. One of the supporting features is the Facts & Figures Guide, which brings together data and knowledge from across the sector and its sub sectors.

Together with the consultancy team we searched for a format that was accessible and practical on an international level, which would provide added value to layman and professional alike. It has become a reference book for now and later. Businesses and governments can use it to their own advantage.

Together with our partners in Yacht Valley, we hope that we have made a contribution with this information to the knowledge about this fascinating industry.

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